T-Shirt Printing – Design Software Guide

With that in mind, we’ve put together a quick T-shirt screen printing software guide, to help you identify and buy (or use for free!) the best T shirt printing software available. Let’s start with some free options and work up to the professional print design software.

Web Based Design:

Many custom T shirt printing services are now offering web based tools to help you select t shirt fabric and color, and then to upload and compose your own designs onto these t shirts before printing. Of course, you are still required to create your own design for uploading, but all the complexities of the printing are taken care of by the service provider. Check out websites like: Streetshirts and Zazzle for examples of these programs.


A powerful vector art package from Adobe, perfectly capable of complex and precise t shirt design. Vector art is ideally suited to creating infinitely scalable images, specifically for logo’s and very large print, but it’s also keenly suited to creating designs for accurate screen printing. Use of vector graphics will ensure your t shirt printing is always accurate and crisp, whatever the size.


One part illustrator, two parts Photoshop. CorelDraw is a vector based design program with excellent usability and is capable of exporting files and formats perfect for precision screen printing and DDGP. While CorelDraw has existed in the shadow of Illustrator for many years, recent iterations make it the superior software when it comes to design for screen printing, custom t shirt design and DDGP.

Make Money With Forex Trading Autopilot Software in Your Sleep – A Forex FX Robot Software Guide

Yes, you read it right. You can make money with Forex Autopilot Software. In this Forex Software guide I, will go through some of the claims about these types of software. Let’s first establish that some of these software programs work indeed. Let’s also establish that these types of software are not cheap. Let’s further establish that you can do all that these types of software do for free on your own provided that you have the time, takes years, and the energy to learn. Oh wait one thing you cannot do is make money in your sleep, which some of those software types can.

Now you can see the benefit of having a Forex Autopilot Software that works. So how exactly do they work, you may wonder?

First off let’s look at two types of platform they have. There is a web based, hosted version, and a software version that is on your own computer.

Personally, I favor the hosted version for several reasons:

  1. You can always access it from anywhere in the world
  2. You do not have to worry about upgrades
  3. You do not have to worry about power outages

So now lets move on and see exactly what this type of software does.

In general they make buy or sell decisions for you based on predefined “triggers” that you can set or that are built into the program based on your strategy, the software author’s strategy and your risk tolerance. Think about that for a minute.

Now, these “triggers” are based on certain strategies and this is where the key differences come into play regarding the different companies that sell this software. Obviously if you are experienced enough you can set your own “triggers” based on your knowledge.

OK so the benefits are obvious. Even if you are a novice in Forex Trading you can see how you can still make money while you sleep. Now as I said earlier, this software does not come cheap so it comes down to your desire to succeed as a trader and your pocketbook.

All of these Forex Autopilot systems or Forex robots as they are sometimes called are not created equal, so must do due diligence to make sure you select the right company and you too can make money in your sleep.